“We believe that true eloquence is often found within the ordinary.
We believe in love at first sight. We live for adventure and new beginnings.
We know that life is fleeting and gatherings should be cherished.

We understand the work that a bride puts into representing herself through the details.
We intend on crafting each dress to compliment that.

We also want you to remember bursting with laughter.
We want to be a part of the best day of your life with honest intention.”

Diamantiny Atelier
Diamantiny Couture

True Elegance is Often Found Within the Ordinary

What separates an ordinary wedding gown from a Go2Bella dress is that we capture your spirit in a garment that combines traditional looks with contemporary styles. You are not a one-dimensional person, so why should you settle for a simple white dress?

Instead, we believe that we must put as much effort into the bride’s look as she will before the ceremony. By understanding what makes up you different from other brides, we can create a gown that is uniquely yours.

Let us help you look the way that you’ve always envisioned that you would. When you choose us for your bridal wear services, you’re hiring someone who understands your needs better than anyone else.

Bella’s Philosophy

We understand that the difference between purchasing a dress and experiencing a dedicate bridal atelier is the level of customer service we offer. From the moment we meet the bride, we work tirelessly until we complete your ideal gown.

Custom dress creations is as much an art as it is a science. With over 25 years of fashion industry experience, you are always in the best hands when you choose us.

From the sketch pad, fabric selection, lace and beading detailing. to your final fitting, we guarantee personalized service and care at every step. And because we rely on seamless binding tradition and your sense of style, from simple and elegant dresses to luxurious and extravagant creations we guarantee a unique gown that gets created just for you.

We believe everyone needs the opportunity to realize their dream wedding dress. When you need a personal bridal designer working for you, we craft a gown that you won’t find anywhere else.

“The Style is the (Wo)Man” –“Le style c’est l’homme même,” - Buffon

Women will spend hours preparing themselves to face the world every single day. Why, then, should you wear a mass-produced dress from a bridal chain store?

We believe that fashion isn’t about trends and styles but is meant to showcase our best features. If you are a charismatic woman with a strong personality or spontaneous, exuding sensuality with every move you makes, or maybe delicate and sensual, when you need a wedding gown that brings your personality to the forefront, you can know for sure that your dress is one-of-a-kind, just like you.

Combining decades of fashion experience and modern techniques, by selecting the right details for you, emphasizing the complexity and the uniqueness of you, we guarantee a dress that you will love not just today but each time you see it. Whether you plan on making it a family heirloom or just need to know that you’re going to look stunning, we are here for your wedding day needs.

No matter what materials, styles, and themes you are looking for, we can handle them all with expert craftsmanship. Choose Go2Bella for any wedding dress specifications that you require, including:

  • Classical Styles
  • Contemporary Designs
  • Lace
  • Floral Prints
  • Beading
  • Ruffles
  • Sleeves
  • Sleeveless Dresses
  • Veils
  • Jewelry
  • Wedding Accessories
  • And more.
Wedding Gown Alteration