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Since her childhood, Isabella Margianu was fascinated by the tailoring art.  After graduating high school, Isabella started to study men’s tailoring.  She attended this school for five years, and during her specialization in this field, her passion and love for tailoring grew and reached a whole new level. After her arrival in one of the most famous fashion capitals of the world-Milan, Italy, she continued and extended her studies in the world of fashion and design.  It is here in Milan, surrounded by the beauty and elegance of illustrious times of long ago, where her dream of starting her own fashion brand starts.  Her first step in accomplishing her goal is immigrating to America. Prompted by the years of knowledge she accumulated in Europe, hard work and equal share creativity and inspiration, she opens her first boutique in 1990 in Buckhead. As with many things in life, she stumbles into her passion for brides accidentally.  It starts with one bride that wanted to wear on her wedding day the very wedding gown worn not only by her mother, but by her grandmother, as well. Her request to Isabella was to re-design and update the wedding gown without compromising the key elements. Isabella accepts this challenge, and without prior experience in the bridal field, but eager to learn, discovers an unknown talent and a new passion. Until then, her success was limited to “regular alterations,” with loyal patrons such as important local officials, Mayor of Atlanta, Coca-Cola president, Georgia governors.  However, this bridal gown completely changes the map of her future, prompting another sweet moment of success when it was featured on the cover of the renowned bridal magazine, “Season magazine”.

This was truly the crucial moment in Isabella’s life and career, the beginning of a new artistic era in her life: successfully combining her love for brides with her passion for tailoring and design; for the act of creation and the infinite beauty which abounds in the world of fashion. In Isabella’s vision, he wedding gown has unique, magical powers of transforming any woman in the most beautiful and important woman in the Universe on her wedding day.

To create a wedding gown is not just an art form but an infinite joy. It is truly an art because today we have access to a great array of textures, fabrics, colors, lace types, beading, etc.  The real challenge lies in knowing how to artfully combine, integrate, blend or contrast these elements to accentuate one model or another, just like a sculptor trying to bring to life a piece of marble. Each detail is significant, and the wedding gown is not just a wardrobe piece, it reflects the dreams, thoughts and personality of each bride in the most significant day of her life.

It is an immense joy to immerse oneself in the wedding gown creation process:  You are not just clothing a woman-a bride; you develop a certain rapport with the bride; and during this process she conveys a part of her inner-most self, her emotions, expectations, desires, and all these feelings, when wrapped in your passion become your own emotions, expectations and desires.

Isabella feels completely happy when a bride is happy and content with her wedding gown, when a bride chooses the perfect wedding gown, Isabella feels happy to guide the bride in selecting the perfect gown for her, and when the bride experiences the most important day in her life, Isabella feels like she is a part of her experience, sharing this special day and the emotion that engulfs it.  This is the true meaning of empathizing with each bride, to inspire and create passionately, to pay attention to the tiniest details, to be a good listener, to aim for perfection as if you would create your own wedding gown.  Isabella’s firm belief is that to achieve all these, requires more than studies, practice, and talent, it requires something more elusive that starts from within your heart: a great love for brides!

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