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Growing up in communist Romania, Isabella Margianu discovered a fascination with tailoring clothing. That growing passion extended well throughout her school years, and after graduating high school, she perused men’s tailoring as well.

After a storied young adulthood, Isabella opened her first alteration and boutique store in Buckhead, Georgia. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to remain satisfied with a background in fashion design, and a store that corrects the pieces of others.

Her perseverance paid off, however, as she used her custom tailoring skills to impress the local customers. As the word got out about the town’s resident fashion designer, her clientele grew to include numerous city officials, the Mayor of Atlanta, the president of Coca-Cola and even governors of the state.

Isabella had not considered entering into the world of bridal fashion, however. Like many success stories, fate had a chance encounter which would send her on that path.

In typical family tradition, a bride had an heirloom dress that wasn’t only worn by her mother, but her grandmother as well. Unfortunately, styles do not last forever, and Isabella had her work cut out for her as far as redesigning go.

The client wanted the dress redesigned and modernized without losing the classic elements that made this the family dress. Without any prior knowledge of wedding gowns, Isabella dove head first into her career’s toughest challenge.

 Her thirst for learning new ideas made the job simple. She couldn’t help but apply everything she could find, learning that she had a knack and a passion for bridal wear.

From then on, she knew she had to phase out regular alternation services and focus on designing gowns. 20 years later, her career soars to new heights, the brand ISABELLA MARGIANU becoming synonym with couture fashion, elegance and refinement. Isabella remained ecstatic over all this years with helping brides to look their best in unique dresses not found anywhere else.

After 25 years of crafting unique wedding dresses, Isabella considered calling it quits. However, passion doesn’t allow one to sit idle for long and returned to the scene with a new store.

Although wedding gowns are her calling, Isabella couldn’t help but missing her regular clients. Go2Bella Alteration Services was launched, combining all of her favorite services under one name.

Instantly overwhelmed with the sheer volume of past and new clients, she again found herself with the issue of merely too many designs to get through. Thankfully by this point, she was able to reconnect with her family, who was now living in Georgia with her.

In fact, her sisters, Celestina and Tereza, master seamstresses in their own right, came to assist with alterations. Her niece, Mariana, also has proven herself, helping out with designing and managing the shop as well.

By 2017, Isabella and her family were ready for another identity change, this one including bridal services as well. The newly addition Go2Bella Bridal Atelier & Alteration Services was launched with family members in tow, providing expert alterations with sophisticated, feminine line of Bridal gowns, and custom designs.

“It takes passion, planning, and dedication to a craft to achieve the best results possible on every dress. Our wedding gowns embody the elegant style you expect with artistic design choices that set you apart from all others.

As Atlanta’s only real couture bridal ateliers, we guarantee a stunning gown you’ll treasure at affordable pricing. Schedule your appointment today, and we can help you shine on your wedding day. “