Like many who grow up in a quiet Romanian village, Isabella Margineanu knew that she must broaden her horizons. As a young teen, she tested the waters by heading for the capital city with little more than hopes and dreams. Having finished college, she spent several years searching for new experiences throughout Iran, Turkey, Italy, and eventually the United States.

It was here in the U.S. that she finally found the inspiration she needed to launch her fashion career. Her creative free spirit combined with prominent fashion industry standards gave her the outlet she needed to thrive. At the end of the day, it was her inherent passion for traveling that always shone through with a variety of influences and designs on every piece.

Unfortunately, creative people often get bored with daily monotony. Why sit behind a desk when you could have your toes dug in the sandy shore of a beach, or walking through a bustling outdoor market? Whenever the luxury of free time landed in her lap, she was on her next plane ride to an exciting destination.

Isabella has stated that it’s the never-ending cultures that exists together on the same planet that creates true individuality. By traveling throughout the world and discovering new ideas and cultures, she continually expands her pool of designs, colors, and textures.

However, she isn’t a typical tourist; she dives head-first into the culture, learning the language and speaking with locals. While most vacationers are searching for relaxation, Isabella is concerned with understanding the people.

Every nation she encounters brings something new to learn. Whether it’s the Italy’s sophistication, British nonconformity and humor, or even the French romance and bohemian style, there’s more to a country than what first meets the eye. By learning something interesting about the local culture, she can continue growing as a designer.

Isabella’s passion for travel is what fuels her creative endeavors. As a result, each custom design she creates has the client at its heart.

She knows that everyone has something unique and personable, as well as something they can teach the world. By seeing others in this different light, she can create the most stunning gown for any bride.

Constanta Romania
Istanbul Turkey
Rome Italy